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New Jeep: 2004 Hydunai Santa Fe

GreenGiant and Riva have released their Hyundai Santa Fe. This car is, a bit unexpectant of the fine team members at SLG. Though this car is still pretty good, it has some bad points. To start off, the view angle. The default angle is okay, but with the close-up angle, it’s harder to see. I liked the handling. I was able to corner very easily. However, in an off-road area, the vehicle will spin out quite easily. The model itself is fine, I can’t find anything bad about it. The acceleration is also exageratted a bit compared to the earlier jeeps of the SLG Team. The vehicle accelerates way too fast. Other than that, the performance is fine. In overall, if you like cruising, you should download this car.

Download it Here.

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