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Big News on MM2 eXtreme

HQTM-Team Corner has been finally transferred to our server. We are happy to be hosting such amazing work. Also, for the occasion they released a new MM2CSC version (v. Evo 0.8), a new color for the Mercedes E270 Spec and two exceptional vehicles:

The Ikarus 280, with a realistic 3D model of 60.000/70.000 polys, 3D interior, breakable parts, 5 painjobs, realistic performances, 2D dashboard with night version, warning lights, moving wipers and 2 versions of model: AD – with opening doors and ND – with normal doors.

The VW Camper, it feature a very precise model of the real car, 3D interiors, breakable parts, 6 colours, 2D dash with night version, warning lights and moving wipers.

Download the Ikarus 280 Here, the VW Camper Here and the MM2CSC Evo 0.8 Here.

Don’t forget to visit their site!! www.mm2x.com/hqtm-team/

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