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Three News Articles Rolled into One

Some sad news today which I think you have all heard of–this December 28th, the HQTM-Team decided to end their partnership, meaning that they will no longer officially release any mods as a group. But with this information, there is also one little uplifting last thing they did release: Classic Madness! It’s finally out, although the two cities Forsaken Vale and Pleasantville are not entirely finished… still, it’s worth the download.

And of course, if you haven’t noticed already, 2008 is almost here… 2007 is almost done. So, you know the deal. Auld Lang Syne (what does that mean?) and all that stuff. Me, I’ll be sitting at home watching the ball drop. Went out to do that last year, but… man. Too many drunks roaming the streets at 12 in the morning for that to be any pleasant.

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