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MM2 Revisited V4

New version of MM2 Revisited mod, the really great mod developed by Dummiesboy. This version 4, the last definitive one, includes lot of new things, such as an explorable Buckingham Palace, really good skies, a real fountain by the Hyatt and lot more. You also get 3 cars that were only in the beta version of MM2, and more colors for default cars that were in the beta of the game. It also enhances things that were in previous versions too, such as the London Eye, seagulls, London Underground, and the sky is totally new. Don’t worry, it has everything else from previous versions of this mod too, and if you don’t want some features in your game, then you don’t have to worry, because this version comes with a simple installer that allows you to choose what you want!
Get it from MM2X here.

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